Lucrative Areas One Should Consider Investing Their Cash

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

9/29/20222 min read

Investment strategy (Credit: Pixabay)

Investing in simple terms is the act of putting out money or capital in an undertaking with the hopefulness of getting a profit in the long run. From that description only, it is evident that investing requires a great knowledge and skill in order to be a long-term successful investor. Below in this blog article there are three major stages that have been easily broken down from the first to the last stage for anyone who wishes to get into the world of investing;


  • Health – as most people already know, your health is your wealth, so just make sure to invest heavily in good healthy foods and drinks.

  • Knowledge – this is the key to always being aware of anything that one sets out to do and if you have some extra cash to spare, just invest in knowledge like courses, books and anything educational.

  • Side Hustle – if you are caught up in the day to day errands but can get a few hours a day to spare, pick a simple profitable business, get as much knowledge as you can about it then make that move and venture into it then keep growing slowly upwards.


  • Cryptocurrencies – in the recent years, the technological world has gained fame through the so called cryptocurrencies which is the new form of currency that in most cases keep adding value to their prices day in day out hence making its early investors wealthy in the long run in the sense that one buys a cryptocurrency like Ethereum then holds it for a certain period of time as its price scales higher and finally sells it for quite a good amount of money with huge profits.

  • Scaling Side Hustle – as stated earlier on starting a simple profitable business, one also needs to keep the business up and running by scaling it up higher and trying to make it bigger and better hence making it more profitable and sustainable along the way.

  • Start-ups – when the side-hustle picks ups well and is now profitable, the next thing one can or should make an investment in, is a start-up which basically is a form of business that is quite bigger and demanding e.g. a company but is even much more profitable when it also pick ups well.


  • Dividend Stocks – this is the part of earnings of an organization or a corporation that is distributed to its various shareholders (investors who hold shares in an organization or a corporation) and usually paid quarterly.

  • Index Funds – this is a common monetary fund that invests in the stocks that are the component part of a well known stock or bond index.

  • Real Estate – this is an investment trust that owns and manages a pool of commercial properties and mortgages and other assets making it a very lucrative area to make a long-term profitable investment.