Burglars Break Into an Apple Store and Steal Products Worth $500,000

Discover How Burglars Broke Into An Apple Store And Got Away With Products Worth $500,000.

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

4/9/20232 min read

Apple Inc. Logo on the entrance of an Apple store (Credit: Pixabay)

Whenever Apple Inc. is mentioned, whether it is their products or whatever it might be, so long as it is related or a by product of Apple, obviously to most people what comes right away into their mind, is the aspect of security. Well, on the 3rd of April 2023 between 1900hrs and 2000hrs, this was totally a different story to burglars who happened to go against the odds and prove the narrative of Apple's secure systems wrong by breaking into an Apple store located at the Alderwood Mall (a regional mall situated in Lynnwood Washington) through a coffee shop (Seattle Coffee Gear) that is adjacent to the Apple store and making away with 436 iPhones and probably a few more Apple products that total to a whopping $500,000 loss.

According to the coffee shop (Seattle Coffee Gear) CEO (Mike Atkinson) tweet, the burglars first broke into their coffee shop then went ahead to cut a hole through the coffee shop's bathroom wall in order to gain access to the Apple store as seen from the screenshot below;

Seattle Coffee Gear bathroom wall that the burglars broke through to access Alderwood Mall Apple store (Credit: Mike Atkinson)

It is also worth noting that nothing at all was stolen from the coffee shop (Seattle Coffee Gear) and according to the manager (Eric Marks), he has been to the Apple store couple of times but it has never crossed in his mind before that the coffee shop is adjacent to the Apple store because its lay out makes it quite unnoticeable as seen in the below video;

This is not the first case of burglary that Apple is experiencing in one of their stores, there has been a couple of burglaries that have happened to a couple of Apple stores even in broad daylight (grab and run robberies).

In this case of Alderwood Mall Apple store, the Lynnwood Police Department was able to obtain the surveillance footage and since it is an ongoing investigation, the footage has not yet been released to the public. At the time of the burglary, there was no any of the Apple employees at the store since they had already closed for the night and a mouthpiece in Alderwood Mall aforesaid that they are already together working with the Lynwood Police Department in order to solve the case.

The fact that the burglars used facial masks and did not leave fingerprints or any other form of evidence behind despite the surveillance security in the mall and the stores, goes a very long way to show that the burglary was smartly planned. So far so good, Apple is yet to make a comment on the burglary incident.