Google Browsing Tips That Come in Handy and Save a Lot: Enhance Your Web Search Experience

Dive Into the Depths of Internet With Confidence Using These Expert Google Browsing Tips That Save Time.

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

5/19/20233 min read

Google search engine (Credit: Pixabay)

In today's digital age, Google has become synonymous with web browsing. It is the go-to tool for finding information, answering questions, and discovering new content however, many users only scratch the surface of what Google can do. With a few simple tips and tricks, one can unlock the full potential of Google search and enhance their browsing experience and in this blog post article are Google browsing tips that help one become a power user of searching anything.

1. Filetype - while browsing specific type of file/files be it images, pdf's or any other type of file, using 'filetype' will save you time by showing those particular results of the browsed file type for example, Elon Musk filetype: IMAGES will show all images of Elon Musk on the web.

2. Quotation Marks ("") - sometimes while searching for a particular word, one comes across other irrelevant words that probably are or are not related to the particular word search and the easiest way to avoid this is by putting quotes around the search word in order to get the exact results of the word for example, "Wash Wash Tricks"

3. Minus Sign (-) - at times one needs search results of a particular thing or someone excluding a certain period of time and a minus sign comes in handy in such a situation for example, top billionaires -2023 will show the top billionaires except for the year 2023.

4. CTRL + SHIFT + N - for the 'privacy lovers' while browsing through the internet, this command is of help when in need of using the incognito mode where browsing history is not stored and tracked, it makes it easier compared to opening the browser through the normal/original mode.

5. Two Periods (..) - somehow related to tip number three but two periods are used when one wants to search for something or someone in between or within a range of two numbers, years, e.t.c for example, songs 2000..2023 will show songs within the year 2000 and 2023.

6. CTRL + SHIFT + T - it happens sometimes one can close a tab that they were using accidentally and probably cannot remember the site's URL but this command is there to save one by restoring the tab that they had closed.

7. SafeSearch - If one is concerned about explicit content appearing in their search results, enabling Google's SafeSearch feature filters out potentially offensive or inappropriate content hence providing a safer browsing experience, especially for children or in professional settings.

8. Related Pages - After finding a webpage that is interesting, one can explore related content by clicking on the "Similar" or "More like this" link under the search result which is is a great way to discover additional resources or alternative perspectives on a topic.

9. Google Alerts - Stay informed about topics of interest by setting up Google Alerts where one can receive email notifications whenever new web pages, news articles, or blog posts matching their search query are published which is a convenient way to stay updated without constantly performing manual searches.

10. Google Scholar - If one is conducting academic research, Google Scholar is an invaluable tool that allows one to search for scholarly articles, theses, books, and court opinions across various disciplines.

11. Search Within a Specific Website - To narrow down one's search results to a specific website, using the "site:" operator followed by the site's domain name like for instance, typing " technology" will only return results from Mwenda Kelvin Blog related to technology.

In conclusion, by incorporating these tips into one's Google browsing routine, one can streamline their searches, discover new content, and make the most out of the world's largest search engine. Whether one is are a student, researcher, professional, or simply curious individual, mastering Google search tips will empower them to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Happy searching!