How to Add Items on MacBook Sidebar: The Gateway to Efficient Navigation

Discover the gateway to efficient navigation on MacBook by adding your most used items on the sidebar.


Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

5/15/20242 min read

MacBook Finder Sidebar (Credit: MK)

The sidebar on a MacBook typically refers to the column on the left side of the Finder window which contains shortcuts to various/different locations on the Mac, such as your Home folder, Applications, Documents, Downloads, and any external drives or network locations that one has connected to their Mac. The sidebar can be customized by adding or removing items according to one's preferences, making it easier to access frequently used folders and files with the steps included below in today's blog post article as follows;

STEP 1 - Assuming your sidebar is already empty like mine as seen from the screenshot below;

STEP 2 - Click on the word "Finder" that is on the top left side of your screen display next to the Apple Inc. icon then click on "Preferences" option as seen from the screenshot below;

Finder Options Window (Credit: MK)

STEP 3 - Click on the "Preferences" option which should open up a "Finder Preferences" window and while on the "Finder Preferences" click on the "Sidebar" option which has "Show these items in the sidebar" and under it, is a list of the items one can choose to display on the sidebar as shown in the screenshot below;

Finder Preferences Window (Credit: MK)

MacBook Finder Sidebar (Credit: MK)

Finder Preferences Window (Credit: MK)

Finder Window (Credit: MK)

In conclusion and in the dynamic landscape of MacBook usage, efficiency reigns supreme and the sidebar, with its intuitive design and customizable features, emerges as a beacon of efficiency, empowering users to navigate the digital realms with ease whereby harnessing its capabilities and tailoring it to suit individual needs, users can unlock new levels of productivity and streamline their workflow and the next time you embark on a digital journey with your MacBook, just remember to explore the sidebar since it might just be the key to unlocking your full potential.

STEP 4 - Now click on the items you want to display on the sidebar (depending on your preferences) like I have done as seen from the screenshot below;

STEP 5 - Finally after clicking the items, now close that window and then open "Finder" from the dock just to confirm that what you selected is now displaying on the sidebar as seen from the screenshot below;