How To Move Applications Dock on Any Edge of Screen Display on MacBook: Customize MacBook Experience

Discover How to Customize MacBook Experience by Moving the Applications Dock to Any Edge of the Screen While Saying Goodbye to Default Position and Hello to a Layout That Suits Better Workflow.


Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

4/1/20242 min read

MacBook Applications Dock (Credit: Apple Inc.)

The applications dock on MacBook is one of its kind and can at times never be ignored at any point whenever using the MacBook. The applications dock is used to organize applications for quick launches by simply making it easy for users to access their most used applications by a single click without much hassle. By default, the MacBook applications dock is located at the bottom edge of the display screen and as usual, everyone has their own preferences hence some may prefer to move it elsewhere on the display screen in which this blog post article gives a step by step procedure on how to move the applications dock on any edge of the display screen on a MacBook as follows;

STEP 1 – Click on the Apple logo at the top right of the screen then click on “System Preferences” or just check on the applications dock or the Launchpad and click on the wheel-like application which should open a System Preferences window as shown on the below screenshot;

STEP 2 – On the same System Preferences window, which has a display of quite a few applications, look out for an application written “Dock” and click on it and it should display a Dock settings window with quite a few settings of the applications dock as shown in the screenshot below;

Dock Settings Window (Credit: Apple Inc.)

STEP 3 – While on the Dock settings window, look out for a setting written “Position on screen:” with options left, bottom (default) and right from which one can select from them in order to move the applications dock anywhere on the display screen according to their preference as shown in the below screenshots;

MacBook Applications Dock at Left (Credit: Apple Inc.)

MacBook System Preferences Windows (Credit: Apple Inc.)

MacBook Applications Dock at Bottom (Credit: Apple Inc.)

MacBook Applications Dock at Right (Credit: Apple Inc.)

In conclusion, the MacBook just like Windows gives its users the choice to move the applications dock anywhere on the display screen to their liking be it for fun or for better work performance which can be achieved by following the above step by step guide.