Sergii Gordieiev (Engineer & YouTuber) Makes Fully Functional Square Wheeled Bicycle

Discover An Engineer As Well As A YouTuber Who Made A Fully Functional Square Wheeled Bicycle.

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

4/10/20232 min read

Mountain bike (Credit: Pixabay)

For the longest time ever, wheels (be it for cars, trucks, bicycles or whatever uses wheels to function), have always been known by their round shape and there is a pretty good reason as to why they have the circular shape which is their ability to sustain a compatible touch with the surface while rotating.

When it comes to Sergii Gordieiev who is an engineer as well as a youtuber running a channel known as The Q (famously known for experimenting with bicycles), the concept of having rounded wheels seems to be something that he is out there to prove wrong by going against the laws of physics with his experiments. From making the world's smallest and functional bicycle to recently making a fully functional square wheeled bicycle, he is definitely someone to watch in the space of engineering with cool concepts.

Fully functional square wheeled bicycle by Sergii Gordieiev (Credit: The Q)

Recently, Sergii Gordieiev is again making waves in the internet through his latest invention of a fully functional square wheeled bicycle that he made and rode it to prove that it works. The custom bicycle wheels remain static but they have an in-built roller channel linked and activated with a chain to the pedals that make it possible for them to roll over and over whenever one pedals as seen from the below video from his YouTube channel;

Development flourishes on inventiveness and brave to suppose the outlandish and the square-wheeled bicycle epitomizes this soul of development, captivating the creative ability and challenging biases. Whereas it may never supplant the conventional bike on city boulevards, its bequest lives on as a image of resourcefulness and the persistent interest of advance. So, the next time you experience an unusual thought or apparently ridiculous concept, keep in mind the square-wheeled bicycle because you never know and it could be the another progressive breakthrough holding up to happen.