The Most Valuable Number Plate 'P7' Sold Out For $15 Million: The Priciest Plaque

World's Most Expensive Number Plate Sold Out For $15 Million.

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

4/10/20232 min read

The 'P7' number plate on display (Credit: @emiratesauction)

For the longest time, Dubai has always been the place to be or go for the wealthy who fear not to flash their riches publicly and live the tax-free lifestyle because of its strong economy due to the oil reserves that makes them not even have a single moment to worry about living large or tough economic times. The UAE has for a while been on the map for their famous charity auctions of vanity number plates whereby the super-wealthy individuals come to make bids while showing their statuses and wealth all for charity purposes (not bragging).

This most recent vanity number plate auction took place on Saturday 8th at the Four Seasons Hotel Jumeirah whereby the 'P7' number plate was sold alongside other number plates. It should be noted that this auction events are purely for the purposes of charity organized by the ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister as well as Vice President of UAE (Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum) through the 1 BILLION MEALS Endowment. 1 BILLION MEALS Endowment is an extension of the previously known as 100 MILLION MEALS and 10 MILLION MEALS which is currently the biggest endowment that helps vulnerable communities worldwide during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Talk about craziest things that make it to the Guinness Book of World Records and to your surprise, will find the latest thing to have made it there is the world's most expensive number plate 'P7' in Dubai that was sold by the Emirates Auction LLC (the largest auction company in Middle East). The 'P7' number is currently the world's most expensive number plate that was sold to an undisclosed individual for a whopping 55,000,000 AED which is slightly close to $15 million definitely surpassing the previous record of the famous '1' number plate owned by Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri in February 2008 which costed him 52,000,000 AED about $14 million.

The world's current most expensive number plate (Credit: CarPrices)

It is said that the recent charity auction managed to raise a total of 71,000,000 AED which is about $19 million for the 1 BILLION MEALS Endowment. Below you can watch a short YouTube clip by Emirates Auction of how the event went down;

In conclusion, the world's most costly car number plate is not just a bit of metal with a few digits stamped on it, this is a confirmation to the voracious crave for eliteness and luxury. As long as there are people willing to save no cost in their interest of extravagance, the charm of these pined for identifiers will proceed to fascinate and motivate. But in the midst of the glint of extravagance, let us not disregard the genuine pith of riches with a life filled with reason, enthusiasm, and important associations.