Twitter (Currently X) To Remove Legacy Verified Checkmarks Tomorrow (4/20)

Legacy Verified Twitter (Currently X) Users To Lose Their Verification Badges Tomorrow (4/20).

Mwenda Kelvin (Chief Editor)

4/20/20232 min read

Twitter verified checkmark

After a very heavy criticism and even being sued over unauthorized account impersonation by public figures and also celebrities, on 11th of June 2009 Twitter made a decision and launched the "Verified Accounts" service which basically is a Twitter account with a blue tick icon at the end of the name of the account owner indicating that Twitter has already been in contact with the person in ownership of the account by verifying the necessary information required to prove their real/true identity.

Over the years after the "Verified Accounts" service was introduced, impersonation of various celebrities and public figures has totally gone missing. Acquiring the Twitter verification badge required nothing but only proving the real identity of the account owner whereby if successfully approved, the badge appears alongside your name but recently after Elon Musk acquired the company for $44 billion, a lot of things have changed including having a verification badge which requires paying a fee of $8 per month or $84 per year.

Twitter users were left with a mix of reactions after Elon Musk came up with a payment plan for the verified badge after acquiring the company which was previously free and as if that was not enough, a tweet from the Twitter Verified account directly hinted that legacy (free) verified users are about to be left in shock after a decision was made to drop their badges tomorrow (4/20) hence being forced to switch to the payment plan in order for them to retain their badges as seen from the screenshot below;

In conclusion, the Twitter Verified Identification serves as a prestigious image of genuineness and notability on the stage. Whereas getting confirmation may not be simple, keeping up a solid and locked in nearness, beside following to Twitter's guidelines, can increment your chances of qualification. Whether you are a celebrity, brand, writer, or influencer, the blue checkmark means acknowledgment and validity within the advanced scene. So, in case you are prepared to promote your nearness on Twitter, it may be time to seek after that pined for a verified identification.